Here are 29 creative and artistic “wooden decoration” ideas to make your home more interesting

There are various home decor styles, trends, and themes that are following by the all homey person living around the globe! Rustic, vintage, shabby chic, farmhouse style, country cottage, modern chic and rustic-modern home decor styles are one of the most loved home decor themes!

However, there is another great home decor theme that belongs to the rustic and vintage home decor theme family and is also the most adapted one, the woodland home decor theme!

So, if you are also following this type of home decor where wooden touch and rusticity of wood would be all around to see and would be a prominent symbol of this theme,

then you can check out these 30 DIY Wood Slice Ideas that are will go rocking to a woodland home decor theme!

Here will see the rustic wood slices building different rustic yet modern item of home furniture,

you will definitely praise the interior wall decor that can easily be made with the rustic wood log slices and you will also become a big of storage options and art pieces that you can easily make with the rustic wood log slices!

This list is going to encircle them all and would be a big gift for the rustic home decor lovers!


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