Curved, textured interior theme with distinctive accents

Curves define this modern interior theme, visualized by Smykova Anastasia, creating a smooth and harmonious flow throughout. With predominantly neutral hues, the home’s base palette serves as a serene canvas for textured bouclé accents that bring warmth and tactile appeal to each living space. In the master bedroom, muted green accents add a subtle touch of color that does not disrupt the peace. Two high-end bathrooms maintain the overarching theme, boasting sleek curves and luxurious fixtures for a spa-like experience within the comforts of home. Each room is thoughtfully crafted to balance form and function, creating a restful sanctuary for the eyes and the mind.

A curved sofa softly cradles the center of the living room layout, drawing a rounded perimeter. Shimmering brass pendant lights hang above the sitting area, funneling more rounded silhouettes across the space.

A curvaceous console table displays halo-like candle holders and a decorative vase beneath a unique modern wall sconce. Taupe wall decor builds neutral warmth in the modern interior. Color-matched curtains heavily frame the large living room windows.

Unique end tables sprinkle lustrous metallic accents between the pale greige sofas. Taupe sphere cushions scatter tonal accents across the light upholstery.

The two curved sofas smoothly embrace the outline of a plush round rug. A circular ottoman echoes its shape. Wide balcony doors fetch in green treetop views.

A marble base coffee table accentuates the high-end appeal of the living room. Coffee table books and an assortment of ceramic vases and decorative bowls make up a layered centerpiece.

The modern dining chairs have a uniquely curved profile that gently complements the curved decor theme.

A wireframe dining chandelier makes a lightweight impact upon the modern dining room, sprinkling delicate droplets of light above the table. Round, 3D relief wall art textures the kitchen wall.

The upholstered dining chairs introduce a deeply textural bouclé to the materials palette, which gives the eating area a cozy appeal.

A sculptural bowl provides an intriguing dining table centerpiece that tempts touch.

Out in the home entryway, custom-made storage units store coats and bags. A niche underneath the units is illuminated to serve as functional shoe storage. Opposite, an ​​entryway bench floats inches from the floor, giving the piece a weightless aesthetic.

A full length mirror arches above the wall-mounted entryway bench, creating the illusion of an extra doorway. Two round modern wall sconces complete the hallway furniture ensemble.

In the master bedroom, two bedroom pendant lights flank a bouclé platform bed with a wide, winged headboard design. The dissimilar pendant designs conjure interest in the neutral setting.

A pale, muted green comforter introduces soft color onto the beige upholstered bed. Brown accent pillows add tonal depth to the bed ensemble.

The patterned bedroom rug spreads a subtle green tone on top of the wood chevron floor treatment. Wooden bedside units are mounted upon a luxe white marble plinth; modern vases and a carafe and glass tumblers set decorate their surfaces.

Chic panel molding neatly frames the limewashed headboard wall, giving it added depth and dimension. Small, brass wall sconces shine down from the boucle headboard to spotlight the nightstands.

A glass wall closes around a walk-in wardrobe. Elaborate brass framing lines the glass with a curved motif. Inside, clothing rails and garment shelves are moodily lit to create a boutique-like atmosphere.

A thin, brass border wraps the room, slicing a flash of metallic light through the neutral boundary.

LED lights draw attention to an arched vanity mirror behind the dressing table. The gentle glow brightens the narrow alcove and warms the atmosphere of the room.

A bouclé vanity chair places a muted green accent in the dressing area. A graceful vase and dried botanics create a wild and sculptural focal point.

In the master bathroom, a sliding glass screen closes around an over-bath shower. A large window fills the room with natural light. At the foot of the tub, a tall shelving nook is smoothed around its edges to continue the curved interior decor theme.

The curved outline of the shelving tower is reflected by a curved column on the other side of the vanity. An egg-shaped bathroom mirror is flanked by racetrack-shaped bathroom vanity lights.

Brass fixtures elevate the neutral bathroom aesthetic.

A custom-made bathroom vanity unit perfectly spans the space between the fitted bathtub and the toilet.

White marble makes up the vanity countertop and a luxurious, waterproof skirting board.

Heated towel bars and robe hooks make good use of the narrow wall space on each side of the bathroom door.

A second bathroom is decorated with luxurious, fluted marble tiles. Modern wall sconces illuminate the panel molded wall above. Track lights distribute bright and even illumination across the room.

A freeform bathroom mirror pools above a curved vanity unit.

Stone tiles texture the bathroom floor. A bouclé stool adds a spot of softness to the material palette.

A fluted glass shower enclosure is trimmed with a bright brass framework.

Wooden panels neatly enclose the toilet cistern concealment wall.

Inside the shower space design, a slimline shelving tower stores toiletries. LED backlights illuminate the selection.

A stretched, floor-to-ceiling bathroom door appears slender and elegant.


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