Brave dog saves young girl from ocean waves, mistakenly thinking she is in danger of being swept away(VIDEO)

Playing on the beach is an enjoyable pastime for children and their furry friends, creating unforgettable moments. However, there was a comical mishap that occurred on the French coast involving a young girl and her beloved Newfoundland pooch.

While the little girl, around six or seven years old, joyfully played in the ocean waves, her faithful dog kept a close watch nearby. However, when the waves grew stronger, Matyas, the loyal dog, became anxious about the safety of the child. Although the family was only a few yards away and the little girl was not in any real danger, the dog remained protective and determined to keep his beloved human out of harm’s way.

Matyas is a loyal companion to his owner, sticking by her side even when they’re near the sea. In fact, he’s so protective that he takes action when the waves start getting too rough. The girl finds it amusing as she stumbles in the water, but Matyas steps in to lend a paw. He grasps onto her t-shirt and guides her towards the shore, where he senses they’ll be out of harm’s way.

While the young lady was being brought closer to the shore, her faithful canine companion clung tight to her side, determined to shield her from the mischievous waves.

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