How Eagles ambush their prey from the ai

Eagles of prey Possessing themselves a pair of sharp eyes that can lens prey from thousands of miles away, along with the monopoly of wings, a strip of wings is likened to the Maleficent of real life, if you have ever seen it.

In this movie, the eagle’s wings are a proof of real life. A strip of wings that can be several meters long and superb flight dynamics. With these wings they can accelerate quickly to capture prey in silence. The eagle’s eyes and wings are just a premise to leverage their hunting.

The real weapon is this pair of 102 claws, along with strong legs and sharp claws. When you combine all three weapons, you get a complete ferocious machine. With the speed as well as the skills and resources available, once they are aimed, it is very difficult to escape.

Their way of hunting is very simple but extremely effective. Eagles hunt mainly while flying high around their territory and suddenly swooping down at incredible speed to catch their prey. Prey can be detected from 3 to 5 km. They sometimes hunt from perching on high ground or hiding in vegetation near waterholes.

Bird prey is often killed in trees, on the ground and even in the air. With this power, it can sometimes even kill large animals and break their skulls with a slap from its sharp and powerful paws.

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