14 most luxurious and modern bathroom design ideas

Who doesn’t like luxury bathrooms? With the right amount of effort, your master bathroom could be an elegant space. There are plenty of luxury bathroom ideas, but you want to find the one that’s right for you.

Luxury Bathrooms

In recent years, homeowners have demanded bigger and better bathrooms. Remodel jobs feature grandiloquent designs more than ever. And this is why you’ll like the bathroom design ideas we’ve gathered for you.

Sophisticated bathroom decor

We’ll show you the hottest luxury bathroom ideas available today. When we’re done, you’ll have enough information to create the bathroom space that your home deserves.

Amazing Luxury Bathroom Ideas For 2022

Let’s take a look at the best luxury bathroom designs today.

Luxurious Bathroom Scheme

Sophisticated bathroom decor

If you have the space, then don’t hold back. A master bathroom with this much space is a dream. A marble freestanding bath next to a giant window with a view is something ripped from a film.

However, there’s more to this bathroom scheme than square footage. The power of a bathroom creates an illusion of space through its minimalist design and windows.

Large Windows

Sophisticated bathroom decor

Bathrooms are small and don’t have large windows. However, if you’re fortunate enough to have a bathroom space that has large windows, then take advantage of the view they provide.

Marble Walls

Sophisticated bathroom decor

Luxurious bathrooms feature natural materials on their walls and floors and marble is one of them. The gold sink fixtures add elegance and style. However, this is an acquired taste, especially if the marble is used extensively.

Spa Retreat

Sophisticated bathroom decor

The finishes and textures play an important role in the overall design of the bathroom. This particular one features a textured wallpaper on the walls that almost looks like stone and contrasts with the chromed details and shiny elements.

Mood Lighting

Sophisticated bathroom decor

Certain ornamental elements can give a bathroom a luxurious look, even if the room is not particularly spacious or if it doesn’t have floor-to-ceiling windows and panoramic views.

Vintage Light Fixture

Sophisticated bathroom decor

A combination of onyx and marble was used here to give this bathroom its unique and sophisticated appearance. However, this is not a look that suits all styles and is best left for traditional homes.

White Sanitaryware

Sophisticated bathroom decor

The right combination of textures can make a bathroom look luxurious. Step on the shiny floor tiles and then onto the zebra accent rug, touch the soft and delicate curtains, and let yourself be enveloped in luxury.

Large Windows

Sophisticated bathroom decor

Pretty much that’s out of the ordinary and more difficult to include in a regular bathroom is considered luxurious. For example, a sunken tub can be such a feature. When used in the right environment, it can have the desired effect.

Accent Lighting

Sophisticated bathroom decor

There are two ways in which light can affect the overall ambiance and the look of a bathroom. On one hand, lots of light in the bathroom can be a luxury. On the other hand, subtle, accent lighting used strategically in the room can also have a similar effect.

Freestanding Bathtub

Sophisticated bathroom decor

Given the utilitarian nature of the bathroom and everything included in it, usually, the designs are space-efficient and focused on functionality. So having a freestanding tub act as a focal point is a luxury detail.

Mirrored Wall

Sophisticated bathroom decor

Sacrificing a portion of a bathroom for decorative purposes can be a sign of luxury. In this case, the relief panel between the wall mirrors is a really beautiful and sophisticated feature.

The accent lighting on the floor designed to highlight the tub is a luxury detail.

Contour Bathtub

Sophisticated bathroom decor

Most often, a bathroom either has a tub or a shower. Sometimes it has both but one stands out. But when both the tub and the shower are as amazing as these, then you have a luxury bathroom.

Here, it’s a wonderful combination of beautiful, natural material, graceful shapes, and wonderful transparency.

Roman Shower

Sophisticated bathroom decor

And speaking of showers, what about a Roman shower stall? Inspired by the original historical designs, these are a modern interpretation of those and treat the shower as a sort of alcove, as a separate room instead of just a partition.

This concept can suit spacious bathrooms but also smaller ones. Find the type of Roman shower stall that best suits your bathroom and adapt it to your preferences.

Nature Inspired Decor

Sophisticated bathroom decor

Luxury bathrooms feature natural materials, textures and colors. Tub fittings and sink fittings can define a bathroom space. The combination of colors and materials, plus the freestanding tub round out this bathroom space.

Clean Lines

Sophisticated bathroom decor

Although simple, the elements used in this bathroom were strategically used to create strong and dramatic contrasts. The way the light reflects on the wall paneling and the clean lines create a soothing vibe.

The bathtub has a matte black finish, adding to the overall ambiance of an intimate and relaxing bathroom. {found on marciokogan}.

Natural Materials

Sophisticated bathroom decor

Anything that’s not usually included in a bathroom can make it look luxurious. For example, there’s a staircase here. The wooden tub and the way it matches everything around it is also an unexpected element.

Modern Art Bathtub

Sophisticated bathroom decor

In this case, it’s not about the materials that were used but about the way in which they were used. The tub is the focal point and it looks like it’s been carved out of a giant block, hence its unique shape.

Stylish Accessories

Sophisticated bathroom decor

A lot of times, the accessories are the ones that give a space its character. For example, a small but chic bathroom rug with a soft and pleasant texture, a mirrored wall, long and heavy curtains or decorative stones used as décor elements are all exquisite examples.


Sophisticated bathroom decor

Another feature of luxury bathrooms can be a skylight. Anything that adds natural light and makes the bathroom look and feels airy and bright can allow it to look luxurious, interesting, and sophisticated. {found on eatas}.

Vintage Light Mixture

Sophisticated bathroom decor

A stunning light fixture can make any space look amazing. However, because the lighting in the bathroom is just functional and doesn’t focus on the decorative details, such an element has a stronger visual impact in this case. {found on architekten}.

Rustic Luxury Bathroom

Sophisticated bathroom decor

Never underestimate the power of color. The right color used in the right space can have an outstanding visual effect and greatly impact the overall design and ambiance. This shade is Wythe Blue and is stunning. {found on edmundsstudios}.


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