Grammys Blunder: Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice Wrongly Announced as Best Rap Song Winners, Despite Killer Mike’s Triumph.TĐ

Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice mistakenly tweeted as the recipients of Best Rap Song by the Grammys – despite Killer Mike winning the award

The Recording Academy erroneously tweeted that Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice were the winners of the Grammy for Best Rap Song – despite the award really going to Killer Mike.

The organization mistakenly posted to X that the duo – who were up for the award for their track Barbie World – had won the trophy, before removing the tweet with the correct winner.

‘Congrats Best Rap Song winners – “Best World [From Barbie The Album]” @nickiminaj & @icespicee_ Featuring Aqua,’ The Recording Academy originally tweeted.

‘Bang Bang,’ Jessie J Feat. Nicki Minaj Ariana Grande hinh anh

That tweet was subsequently removed and one announcing Killer Mike as the winner was posted. ‘Congrats Best Rap Song winner – “SCIENTISTS & ENGINEERS” @killermike ft. Andre 3000, @1future and @ErynAllenKane,’ the account posted.

The mishap did not go unnoticed by fans, with one tweeting, ‘Why would the Grammys post about Nicki Minaj & ice spice n say they won the Grammys in a tweet & then just deleted it…..’

The Recording Academy confused fans by sharing this inaccurate tweet

The duo were also up for Best Song Written For Visual Media for Barbie World, which they failed to win.

Ice Spice was also nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance and Best New Artist but lost them both.

Minaj has in total been nominated for 12 Grammys during her career. She has yet to win one.

Recently Ice Spice announced she will be releasing her debut album this year, a project she has entitled Y2K.

During an appearance on The Today Show, Ice Spice revealed the name of her album and gushed about the ‘crazy’ yet secretive collaboration set to appear on the project.

‘Yes, there’s going to be an album this year,’ the singer – who was recently hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit – said. ‘I’m so excited. It’s called Y2K,’ she explained, adding, ‘it’s almost finished.’

Ice Spice – born Isis Naija Gaston – revealed she decided to name her album Y2K as she was born in 2000.

‘That’s why I decided to name it that,’ she explained.

Ice Spice takes the plunge at the Grammy Awards 2024

She also revealed she had recently clinched a ‘crazy’ collaboration but refrained from sharing anything more: ‘I have a crazy collaboration that just got locked in, like, two days ago,’ she said.

The album will follow Ice Spice’s debut EP, Like..?, which was released in January 2023 and contained the tracks In Ha Mood and Princess Diana.

Ice Spice has enjoyed a wildly successful past year that included a collaboration with pop superstar Taylor Swift.

She gained over 48million Spotify listeners in 2023 with her monthly listeners listed at nearly 25million.

Ice Spice broke down in tears after being named Best New Artist at last year’s VMAs.

She told the crowd: ‘Thank you so much! Thank you MTV! Oh, my gosh, this is so cool! I just want to thank my munchkins. I love you guys so much.’

The rapper then thanked her manager and  music producer.

‘I want to thank my label for always supporting me. And, of course, God. Without God, none of this would be possible. Thank you guys, I love you guys so much!’ she concluded.

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