The mass of 10 million suns is dangerously approaching Earth in the form of mysterious dark matter.

12:10 16/09/2022

This last one is perhaps one of the Universe’s most fascinating and unresolved mysteries.

In and of itself, the cosmos is a conundrum. From the singularity of our own solar system to dark matter.It is undetectable. It is undetectable. It is not audible, tactile, or olfactory.

Even the most advanced and sophisticated engineering equipment in the world could not validate the qualities of this sort of material. On the other hand, its existence is unmistakable.

It is swiftly approaching Earth. This discovery was made by Ciaran O’Hare, a researcher at the University of Zaragoza, and was just published in the journal Physical Review.

According to current study, the solar system will be swallowed by the leftovers of an ancient galaxy that was devoured millions of years ago by the Milky Way.

Dark matter with the mass of more than 10 million suns is nearing the Earth, according to O’Hare. This dark matter must form a ring-like shape that can be easily detected.

The approaching storm, according to experts, will increase the odds of detecting dark matter, offering a perfect opportunity for scientists to answer some of the mysteries surrounding this form of matter.

Take a look at the video below and let us know what you think.

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