Former CIA pilot asserts: The moon is habitable with more than 250 million citizens.

08:52 15/09/2022

A former CIA pilot called John Lear recently affirmed that the Moon is a liveable place with more than 250 million citizens. This man has been rather famous among conspiracy theorists.

He claimed he has discovered strange structures on the surface of the Moon and even showed some images that would prove these affirmations.

As a matter of fact, мคหy amateur astronomers have recently recorded something similar to a holograph projection of the Moon’s surface. There are мคหy people who strongly believe in the existence of a secret society hiding on the Moon, so who knows, maybe this hologram is covering them up

In Lear’s video, we can see some images taken from an observatory back in 1947. They supposedly show a huge cataclysmic that occurred north-west of the Endymion crater.

He goes on telling how the Moon was created inside of Jupiter more than 40 million years ago and that during the Ice Age, the electromagnetic trajectory was stuck in the Earth’s orbit. And that is when civilization on the Moon started to show up.

According to Lear, the inhabitants of the Moon are humanoid aliens, including the Greys, even though the latter ones live under the surface working in huge laboratories.

Finally, he said that that the Earth is a kind of planet – a prison that serves as a place for punishments. There are мคหy other planets like Earth, he concluded. Check out the following videos for more information and draw your own conclusions

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